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Emergency Dentist and Urgent Treatment in Copenhagen

urgent dental treatment at dentist copenhagen

Are you having severe dental problems? And do you need to visit the dentist right now? Call us right away and get an emergency appointment the same day or early next day.

Having dental pain, is very unpleasant. Our main priority is therefore to make you pain-free as quick as possible.

We will get you pain-free as fast as possible!

In order to get you without pain as quickly as possible, it is often needed to undergo acute treatment. First we investigate the cause of the pain. In order to do this, having x-ray pictures taken helps determine the source of the pain. Depending on what causes the pain, it may not be possible to finish the treatment at your first visit. Booking a new time is therefore sometimes required. As soon as you are pain-free, we recommend you have all your other teeth analyzed in order to prevent dental pain in the future.

Call us now at +45 70 87 10 00 to schedule your appointment!

If you need to contact Dentist Copenhagen outside office hours, please call us at +45 70 87 10 00 and leave a voice mail. We will then get back to you as soon as possible!
You may also wish to contact us online. 

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a lot of people are only visiting the dentist when they ARE having pain. We recommend you visit the dentist regularly. Acute dental problems are often linked with severe pain and complicated and expensive treatments. This might be avoided if you visit your dentist at least once a year.