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We accept cash and the abovestanding credit-cards.

Grants from “Denmark”


-In case you are a member of the health insurance “Danmark”, we will report to “Danmark” for you. All you need to do is inform us about which membership group you are a part of (1,2 or 5). If you would like to read more about the health insurance, please visit

Special discounts

Show your student ID at the desk, and you will receive a 15% discount on selected treatments. Read more about discounts here.

Price estimation

To give you an idea of the investment needed, before undergoing a dental treatment, we will give you a price estimation. We will gladly give this estimation in writing or orally.

Your treatment – your guarantee!

If you are to experience any symptoms within 6 months of a root-canal treatment, we will fix the resection of your roots a no cost.

TreatmentPrice (DKK)
Root canal treatment including x-ray and anesthetic - canine2966,08,-
Root canal treatment including x-ray and anesthetic - premolar3976,08,-
Root canal treatment including x-ray and anesthetic - molar4955,08,-
Root resection including x-ray and anesthetic - canine2516,72,-
Root resection including x-ray and anesthetic - premolar3216,72,-
Root resection including x-ray and anesthetic - molar4296,72,-
Surgical removal of tooth / amotio including x-ray and anesthetic2512,92,-
Complicated extraction including x-ray and anesthetic1537,92,-
Local anaesthesia 287,00,-
Anaesthesia per 1 hour4500,00,-
Anaesthesia each commenced ½ hour2000.00,-
Panorama x-ray956,89,-
Bite plate including examination and check-up5800,00,-
Appointment (DFG)309,17,-
ImplantFrom 8500,- to 11.000,-
Crown implant including abutment9964,00,-
Bridge (fixed partial denture)From 19.488,- to 70.000,-
Temporary smile denture replacing 1 tooth4600,00,-
Tooth whitening2400,00,-
Small molar filling (premolar) on 2 surfaces1245,00,-

Small molar filling (premolar) on 3 surfaces
Large molar filling (premolar) on 2 surfaces1375,00,-

Large molar filling (premolar) on 3 surfaces1930,00,-
Dental correction Inman AlignerFrom 13.500,- to 15.500,-

Payment – Dankort, cash and instalment plan

You can pay using Dankort or cash. If you are undergoing larger treatments, we can also offer you an instalment plan.

You are to pay  after each visit to the clinic.


All prices and pricing options are subject to error and change.