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New patient? Take a look here!

We would like to welcome you as a new patient at Dentist Copenhagen. A happy smile is always in style!

Our most important task is to give you the best experience possible – without any pain! We have massive experience with a wide array of treatments. We are therefore able to help you with basically any dental problems you might encounter – in a professional and easy way.

3 good reasons as to why we should take care of your smile

  1. 20 years of experience and counting
  2. No pain! Experiencing pain at the dentist is a thing from the past. We make sure your consultation is absolutely pain-less
  3. Professional treatment in comfortable surroundings

When becoming a new patient at CopenhagenDentist, it is important for both of us, to know which treatments you might need. By knowing this, we make sure we are able to advise you the best way possible. Therefore you will need a preventive-diagnostic basic service.

You may allow us to receive your journal and x-ray pictures from your previous dentist. We will need your previous dentist’s name and phone number (please fill out the form below). By providing us this info, we will have your journal ready the first time you get here.

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Your first visit

Journal creation. The Danish law states that as a dentist you are required to create a journal including a teeth chart. This journal states which and how many teeth you have. How and where cavities have been treated, either with plastic or silver filling. If any accident was to occur, the journal will be used by forensic pathologists to identify the person. The journal also includes possible illnesses or allergies the dentist might know of.

Inspection of teeth, gum, mucosa and jaw-joint.

This inspection tells the dentist, if there is a condition that might require treatment. The examination is the foundation of the therapeutic plan.

Therapeutic plan including estimate of costs.

The dentist will inform you about what needs to be done and together you will talk about the treatments available. Before proceeding with the actual treatment, you will receive a price estimation to get an idea of the investment involved.

Did you visit your dentist more than one year ago?

Has it been more than one year since you last visited your dentist, we highly recommend having new x-ray pictures taken. We do this because most cavities occur in the tiny space between the teeth. These small places are difficult to keep clean and it is hard to discover any upcoming cavities. Having a new x-ray picture taken, will inform the dentist about any new or upcoming cavities.

Tooth cleaning

Having tartar removed is really important, since tarter accumulates a lot of bacteria. It is not possible to remove the tartar yourself, this must be done by a dentist. If you have not been to the dentist for more than a year, we recommend you receive a thorough tooth-cleaning.

The price of x-ray pictures and tooth-cleaning is regulated by the National Health Service of Denmark, which means the price is the same at all dentists in Denmark.

Treatments at your first visit

Sometimes it is needed to undergo smaller treatments during your first visit to the dentist. It may be a smaller cavity, which requires fluoride treatment before the cavity develops. Treatments are not included in the price for a regular examination.

At your first visit to Dentist Copenhagen, any major treatments will not be carried out. If any larger treatment is needed, you will get a new appointment within a week.